My 2018 Year in Review

This year was full of firsts and major changes for me. For a long time, I’ve been in school stressing over course projects and getting in last-minute study sessions for exams. This was my life for many years in a small city I’ve spent the majority of my life in. I knew when 2018 began I would be leaving from my usual routine in exchange for something new. While I had a couple mishaps in 2018, I want to focus on the positive experiences that ultimately made all the choices I’ve made until now totally worth it.

Traveling to Italy with my best friend

This had always been an idea between my friend and I, but we finally decided to make it a reality. All it took was one video call and we had our trip booked. No take backs. Fast-forward to May 2018 and we had the trip of a lifetime. The first half of our trip was with a tour group where we traveled through Rome, Florence, and Venice and much more. The second half we spent our time in Rome and in a small, beautiful hill town called Oritino with family.

Graduated from university

As soon as I came back from Italy, I would be attending my graduation ceremony. After five years of studying Computer Science, I was finally receiving my Bachelor of Science for all the work I had put into it. It was a wave of relief that I no longer needed to attend classes in the morning and be working on homework late into the night. Although I will miss the friends I made during my time there, I am happy to say goodbye to this long chapter in my life and move on to the next big challenge.

Interning with the Accessibility team at Mozilla

This was a major turning point for me. Not only was I able to finally work at the company I was excited about during my undergrad career, I was flown over to Toronto during the summer to work closely with my mentor at the office. I learned so much about web accessibility, which you can find in my previous posts, and was able to produce a successful project during my time there. I also went to my first All-Hands in San Francisco!

Landed a Full-Time position

Towards the end of my internship, I was offered a full-time position on the Firefox DevTools’ team at Mozilla. Of course, I was absolutely ecstatic about the position and accepted! Since then, I’ve been working on the new Flexbox Inspector as well as acquainting myself with Web Compatibility issues that the DevTools’ team is looking to solve. I was also able to attend the All-Hands in Orlando, Florida where I was able to plan and brainstorm ideas for the DevTools’ 2019 roadmap with teammates in-person.

Moved to Toronto

Perhaps one of the hardest decisions I had to make, ever. Aside from planning a move for a start date in less than two months, it was difficult because it meant leaving behind all my friends and family to start a new life in a city that’s literally on the other side of the country from my home. The first month was emotionally difficult, but once I got past it I feel proud of my decision. It’s made me realize that I CAN pull off a big move across the country and still be standing on my own two feet afterwards. I’ve also learned to take the subway as my main mode of transportation to work. I really miss having my own vehicle on days that are particularly cold, but I honestly feel its made me more sufficient at navigating the big city.

What’s Next?

Everything in the 2018 has set me up for an exciting, but challenging 2019. I can’t wait to see where my first year at Mozilla will take me. I’ve been already planning goals as a member of the Firefox Devtools’ team and can’t wait to show off what I’ll be up to!

Written on January 1, 2019